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Customer experiences random and painful irritation on neck. Customer says the irritation cause is unknown and she was previously putting hydrocortisone on it to relieve irritation.


Copacetic Skincare created oatmeal moisturizer specifically for skin conditions such as: eczema, dermatitis, dry skin and more! Customer applied the oatmeal moisturizer to her neck and rapidly 2 hours later the white heads were gone and she felt relief.


Customer sent a picture of her neck the morning after. She applied more oatmeal moisturizer and determined that 2-3 times of use was enough to get rid of the irritation. However, unlike hydrocortisone the oatmeal moisturizer can be used at an infinite amount times without a risk of thinning, drying, or irritating the skin.


This picture is a comparison from Day 1 of using the oatmeal moisturizer vs Day 4. Oatmeal moisturizer is 100% organic and has 0% steroids.




The body oil is really nice. The amount of smell in it is just right, not overpowering. And the oil is pretty light, it doesn't feel greasy when you put it on. And the shine it brings to your skin looks very natural. The body lotion is great too. It's smooth when you put it on. You actually don't need a lot when using it, a tiny bit can cover a good bit of area. So it'll definitely last long. The autumn woods lotion + mango pineapple body oil combo is heavenly. Those smells work really well together, it's one of my favorite scents.


I purchased the whipped body cream and let me say that I'm very impressed. The  texture is so nice, like icing. This consistency makes it nicer to put on versus other butters that are too oily. I put mine on after the shower and once rubbed in well, there's little to no oily leave behind. I'll be buying again for sure.


I've been loving the oatmeal bar and body butter! They are so rich and leave my skin silky smooth with the smell lasting throughout the day. I'm looking forward to trying more products and new scents.


I just used everything and I love it !! The soap is really bomb and lathers nice and the lavender oil is my new favorite.


Y'all go shop with Copacetic Skincare, the oatmeal bar is the truth.. smells good af and your skin gonna feel so smooth


The oatmeal bar is Great! Make your skin feel so soft! Thanks


Marshmallow Scent my favorite. Anybody looking for a vegan organic skin care product to use try this it really works my son has extremely dry skin and eczema and this also helped maintain moisture in my feet specially in my heels lol!


If yo skin is thirsty & in need of moisture. Check out Copacetic Skincare! The skin moisturizer (Sweet Rise) is definitely a must- it leaves your skin soft and gives it that glow; have your skin poppin'!


Thank you so much for my wonderful skin care products. I'm glad I ordered mine in time!


I have been using the cream from copacetic skincare for About a year it is working really good for me