Copacetic Soap vs Leading Brands You Already Love!

Updated: Mar 3

So, you're probably thinking.. why buy Copacetic? "My (leading brand) works for me and I have no skin issues when using it". Well, have you ever looked at the ingredients listed for the leading brand you use? One of the main ingredient used to create the lather in soap is sodium laureth sulfate. You may have seen it listed as sodium lauroyl isethionate (for sensitive soap/ in baby soap), sodium lauryl sulfate, and sodium tallowate (which is lard) just to name a few. To make this short, leading brands use inexpensive and inorganic surfactants which are a major skin irritant. One major leading brand uses sodium tallowate in all of their baby wash ingredients which is literally animal fat. I even did deeper research and found out that sodium lauroyl isethionate is not natural at all in fact, "Isethionic acid is derived from sodium bisulfite an aqueous solution of ethylene oxide. However, ethylene oxide is a carcinogenic substance". Dig deeper on leading brands who claim to use a natural foaming agent, majority of them are not natural and the way their ingredients are derived causes cancers, are hormone disrupters, and uses palm oil/palm kernel which is killing our planet from over harvesting! So, when you ask why buy Copacetic remember that every bar of soap is 100% vegetable derived (environmentally friendly), Copacetic has a complex formula that allows the soap to lather up based solely off the oils. No animal fat. Just pure plant material.

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