Who cares about a Steam Distillation?

What is steam distillation? Steam distillation is a process of separating volatile components (essential oil) from non-volatile (plant material). The by-product created from this distillation is hydrosol.

What is hydrosol? Hydrosol is the second product formed from a distillation process. It includes all of the benefits from the plant material and is more subtle for the skin. Think of hydrosol as a water based essential oil.

Here is a video showing how the distillation was done.

As you notice the separatory funnel (last item that overflowed into the measuring cup) consisted of a clear liquid (hydrosol). This is free from impurities and contains all of the plant benefits.

This yellow liquid is the impurities from the steam distillation. You may have noticed people market colored water most popularly, "rose water", as a toner or air freshener to use; however any colored water done from any distillation method has impurities! Which should NOT be used.

To conclude: Hydrosol can be used as a toner, air freshener, perfume or a replacement for water in a diffuser. Copacetic has found a way to incorporate hydrosol into it's moisturizer and future products!

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