Copacetic Premium Moisturizer

Updated: Jan 20

Copacetic Skincare mission is to incorporate nature into our products. The way this process is done is by doing steam distillations with raw plant materials (grinding up oats and using oat milk for the oatmeal based products). The more raw materials the more effective and truly organic the product will be without the discrepancies from an outside supplier. Due to the quality and time it takes to develop such a premium lotion the price increased to $10. Copacetic will try to keep each product between the price of $10-$15, depending solely on the plant used. For example: Roses cost more therefore to have rose based moisturizer the cost would be $15. Lemons are less pricey therefore the price is available at $10.

As Copacetic grows these prices will one day be available at $8-$10, once a supplier that offers plant materials in bulk can be found. Copacetic goal for 2021 is to provide 100% organic products at an affordable price for everyone. As previous buyers know the lotion used to be $8, but now since we have more premium lotions the cost of the original lotion has decreased by 37.5%! This is the trend Copacetic will continue to do.

Want to see how the steam distillation is done more in-depth? Check out the next article!

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