All Purpose Soap

Introducing All Purpose Soap to Copacetic Skincare!

Perks of an all purpose soap

- Can be used on multiple surfaces. Gentle enough for face and body and cleansing enough for dishes and hand soap.

What makes it different from regular bars?

- Regular bars are made up from a super fatted formula which helps create a lather (but it takes forever to cure), however the all purpose soap is ready on demand and does not need time to cure. Due to the Coco Glucoside, the lather is rich and the soap last longer with just using a small amount!

Environmentally friendly


0% Palm oil

+ 100% Organic

0 %harmful to the planet or you!

= 100% Worth every penny!

Copacetic Skincare will continue to expand our product line with 100% organic products that are environmentally friendly and vegan.

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